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Welcome to Fiduciaria ltd. website

Fiduciaria Ltd. is a consultancy company with a wide range of experience in the field of strategic and operational business finance, value and tax assessment. Our key line of business is financial, business and tax consultancy as well as corporate value assessment. We guarantee high quality and fast solutions that increase the benefits and/or limit... »

Corporate Value Assessment

Fiduciaria prepares a professional and impartial corporate value assessment for the whole company and for parts of the company as well as value assessments for... »

Financial and Business Consultancy

Our financial and business consultancy services include: »

Tax Consultancy

We provide the following tax consultancy services together with our partners: »

Partner Consultancy

A long-term business relationship is established with our regular business partners that have a permanent priority access to our services on the basis of a gen... »

Periodic Consultancy

If the clients need occasional solutions or fast answers to their questions, we offer our services on the basis of a single contract or agreement about each in... »

Project Consultancy

When the projects are extremely complex and demanding and when related expert knowledge and experience from different fields are required, we contact our consu... »


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